race day nails Running a 5K in the dog days of summer? Are you crazy? Well, yes, I guess we are. A few hundred of my favorite running buddies and I ran the Twilight 5K race on Saturday evening with a start temperature of about 88 degrees. It was hot, but the sun was going down, the course was shaded and there wasn’t a ton of humidity, so it was not nearly as bad as I expected.

First things first. My daughter has decided I need a race day tradition. She loves painting nails so she decided I needed something to go with the Twilight theme of this race. She picked out a beautiful deep blue polish and added subtle sparkle and a silver flourish.

Then there are the clothes. I have decided that I prefer to run in a skort more than anything else. I feel the same way about golf these days too. For one, the skort hides so much! You don’t have to worry about shorts creeping up, sweat marks in unflattering places and skorts seem to have a more flattering fit in general. For the race I wore a magenta Adidas wicking top in XXL and my navy Adidas skort in XL. While I don’t think you can buy either one of these pieces anymore they are my favorite and I should probably track down another one of each in a similar style and different color so people don’t begin to think that is all I own.

My goal for this race was to run in it under 40 minutes. I was close – 41 minutes, but I didn’t walk at all. I happen to know that I can actually walk faster up the hills than I can run them and if I had adopted that run/walk strategy my time would certainly have been faster. But honestly, the time is not as important to me as running the whole time is. Don’t ask me why, it’s just part of my long term plan to reclaim ME.

After consulting with a few other runners and a close friend who is a personal trainer, I have decided the only way I am going to get faster is if I start running intervals at least once a week. So run hard for .5 mile then walk .5 mile and repeat 4 times. We’ll see if it works!

We are looking to do our next 5K in September and my goal is to run the whole thing and do it in less than 40 minutes. Do you have any races coming up? How about your fitness goals? Share them below – I’d love to be able to cheer you on, too!

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