successful bunion surgery

Two and half years ago I was so excited to share with you that I had just finished my first 5K race in 20 years. That summer I did 3 or 4 more 5Ks but by the end of the summer, I noticed things were just not right. My right foot hurt. My left hip hurt. Running became torture.

I took 6 months off of running and just walked, hoping that by spring I could up the pace and run again. Wrong. So that year I did a few 5Ks, but I walked them. I know, there is no shame in walking – especially when it is for a good cause with hundreds of friends you didn’t know you have, but I had wanted to run.

By April of this year the pain in my right foot had become so bad that my whole gait had changed, putting odd pressure on the ankle – add that to the list of aches and pains. GRRRR. 

One afternoon I was talking with my mom and showed her my foot. The bony protrusion at the big toe joint had become so pronounced and so red. She mentioned that it was genetic and rather than dealing with it like so many who had come before me have chosen, that I should go get it checked. BEST. DECISION. EVER! 

My podiatrist explained to me that while surgery was not urgent, that my foot was not going to ever get better without it. So I had a choice. Continue to be miserable and not be able to enjoy my walks with my best friends, or get surgery.  I have heard horror stories about bunion surgeries, but I listened to what my doctor said and went ahead with the procedure. I am so glad I did. While she was doing the procedure, not only did she discover I was dealing with the bunion, but also arthritis in the joint, and scar tissue between the big toe and the next one over for being clumsy as a teen (I think I sprained that two two or three times).

Three weeks post op, I am beyond happy with the results!! The surgery was no where as painful or horrible as so many people would make you think! I was only on crutches for about a week. Was able to start driving after 3 weeks and can get around just fine with a stiff surgical shoe on my foot. 

So I know I am starting back at square one with regards to my quest for being able to walk or run a 5K again, but I know in time I will be able to do it and for that I am grateful!

PS – yes, that is duck tape on my surgical shoe. I got a little bored one morning…


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