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under armour womens compression shorts

Last week I picked up a pair of Women’s UA Authentic 7″ Compression Shorts and decided to try wearing them under my running shorts this week. Where have those shorts been all my life? All I can say is WOW – what a difference that little layer of smooth makes in the comfort of your run. […]

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Running is a great exercise for women who want to lose weight or get in shape. The amazing thing about running is that it can be done almost anywhere at any time. Not only does running help one get in shape, but it also helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and […]

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Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.

So I have been doing this running thing again for just over a year. I have come a LONG way! One year ago I could not run a quarter of a mile without stopping. Now, I can do a 5K with confidence. One year ago my blood pressure was on the ragged edge of needing […]

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race day nails

Running a 5K in the dog days of summer? Are you crazy? Well, yes, I guess we are. A few hundred of my favorite running buddies and I ran the Twilight 5K race on Saturday evening with a start temperature of about 88 degrees. It was hot, but the sun was going down, the course […]

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Sports Bras are typically made for women with small chests – really, they are. And if you are a D cup or higher, good luck finding anything in your local stores that is going to be available, let alone fit!! I was at Dick’s Sporting Goods earlier this week and for some odd reason I […]

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