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After finishing a 5K in April I asked my son – who ran a 5K for the first time that day – what he thought. His response was, when can we do that again? Well, the answer was today. We ran to support the local SPCA chapter and while it was a little hot and […]

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When I did my first 5K in 20 years on Easter weekend, my 14 year old son ran it, too. It was his first organized 5K race and he loved it. Within in minutes of me finishing (about 15 minutes after he did), he asked when could we do another race? We have been looking […]

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Finished a 5K

In High School I ran Cross Country. In college I did sprint triathlons. In my early twenties, I had fun running 5K, 8K and 10 mile races with my friends. And then for some reason I decided that once I got married and started having kids, that I couldn’t do that stuff anymore. What was […]

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Little Victories

Twenty years ago my idea of a perfect Sunday morning was an eleven mile run around my favorite lake with a really good friend. I used to run 3-4 times a week and did 5K races, the Army 10-Miler, and even a few sprint triathlons. And then I got married, had three kids and basically […]

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how to ice injuries

If you workout on a regular basis, chances are you will end up with some sort of ache, pain or injury from time to time.  Knowing when to ice, how long to ice and how often to ice is half the battle. There is a good article on Active.com that goes into the Do’s and […]

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