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how to ice injuries

If you workout on a regular basis, chances are you will end up with some sort of ache, pain or injury from time to time.  Knowing when to ice, how long to ice and how often to ice is half the battle. There is a good article on Active.com that goes into the Do’s and […]

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Temperatures are on the move and I am proud to say, so am I. I set my goal to run one mile continuously – after 15 years of no running – by July 13, and I met that goal last week! However Wednesday’s run was not very comfortable thanks to some shorts that rubbed me […]

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We’ve all done it – pushed ourselves a little harder than we expected or stepped the wrong way and tweaked something. Those little aches and pains can be, well, a pain. The little aches and pains that may not necessarily need medical attention, but just need a little extra TLC are what I am talking […]

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One of the reasons I started this website is that even though I am not a skinny minnie size 8, I want to live a healthy lifestyle and want to be able to find exercises, athletic gear and tips that will help me (and you) be as fit as I can. Yesterday I went in […]

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