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When I did my first 5K in 20 years on Easter weekend, my 14 year old son ran it, too. It was his first organized 5K race and he loved it. Within in minutes of me finishing (about 15 minutes after he did), he asked when could we do another race? We have been looking […]

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Two weeks before my 5K in April, I hurt something in my hip. I think I have just strained a tendon or group of muscles, but it hurts. I pushed through it to get my 5K done then took 10 days off. Last week I decided to test the waters and see how it felt. […]

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greatest satisfaction comes from the motivation within you

How was your week? Mine was pretty fantastic – at least in the work out department. I ran Tuesday, Friday and Sunday and I walked on Wednesday for a total of about 12 miles for the week. But more important  than the miles, I proved to myself something I have known for a long time […]

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What are your workout goals for this week? Mine are pretty simple – keep working on running further and start paying more attention to what is going in my mouth! While I have been really good about exercising regularly, my diet has left a lot to be desired. So in conjunction with my workout plan […]

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Ok, it is time to get serious! I haven’t posted my workout plan for weeks and subsequently, I haven’t done a great job of getting the workouts in. With spring right around the corner, my golf clubs calling my name and some friends wanting me to run a 5K the weekend of Easter, I think […]

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