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30 day workout for beginners plus size

I recently posted that because I had surgery on my foot in August and am just now getting out of the boot, that I am starting my fitness quest at SQUARE ONE again. I can not believe how much strength and stamina I have lost – not to mention the pounds that have crept back […]

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Two weeks before my 5K in April, I hurt something in my hip. I think I have just strained a tendon or group of muscles, but it hurts. I pushed through it to get my 5K done then took 10 days off. Last week I decided to test the waters and see how it felt. […]

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ESPNW 100 workout

Are you up for it?? The ESPNW.com team posted this workout on their Facebook page today and while I know for a fact there is no way I can make it through this workout today, it certainly gives me something to work on! And with any luck, I will be back on track and posting […]

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Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown

According to my workout plan for the week, today was supposed to be Kettleworx Cardio Week 1, but I did actually do Week 1 last Friday AND I had a “better offer” today – well, not better, just different. I have been wanting to add yoga in to my workouts because as I am getting […]

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One of the single biggest reasons people give up on an exercise routine is lack of motivation! And, one of the biggest motivations for people is peer pressure – it really can be a good thing. What sounds like more fun – running by yourself or running with your best buds? How about recognition? If […]

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