fitness apps When I did my first 5K in 20 years on Easter weekend, my 14 year old son ran it, too. It was his first organized 5K race and he loved it. Within in minutes of me finishing (about 15 minutes after he did), he asked when could we do another race?

We have been looking at the races coming up in the area and picked one that benefits the local SPCA. My son has recruited a handful of his friends to run it with him and has continuously bugged me to get us registered. Got the registration done which means the countdown is on. Thirteen days and counting to our next race. My only goal for this race is to finish it with a time in the 30’s.

And now for a word of advice… always have a spare set of compression shorts handy! On impulse I decided to take a run yesterday evening. I had about 2 minutes to get ready or the urge to run might just have passed. My only pair of compression shorts were in the washing machine and it was way too hot for capris. I grabbed my golf skort (which has built in compression shorts), threw on a tshirt and my shoes and took off. I wasn’t even out of the driveway when I realized I  had made a big mistake!! Not only had I failed to recognize the importance of running with a sports bra instead of a regular one, but the compression shorts in my golf skort are much shorter than my running compression shorts and I could feel my thighs rubbing together with every step. UGH!

It wasn’t the most comfortable run, but it did accomplish its purpose. I had to let out some frustrations and the road was the best way to go!

As for my training this week, my hip is feeling a lot better and my goal is to run every other day and do 20-30 minutes of the elliptical or kettleworx on the in between days. Nothing fancy, just following my goal of moving everyday.

Have you signed up for a race in the near future? How is your training going?

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