I recently posted that because I had surgery on my foot in August and am just now getting out of the boot, that I am starting my fitness quest at SQUARE ONE again. I can not believe how much strength and stamina I have lost – not to mention the pounds that have crept back on. 

Earlier this week I saw an cool workout posted on Facebook of simple exercises in a calendar format and thought, I could really do that. Of course, when I tried to find it again, I could not so I had to create my own. I’d love to give credit to my original inspiration, but honestly, I can not remember where I saw it and the work out I am sharing with you is one I created.

30 day workout for beginners plus size


This workout is geared to the beginner or someone who is starting a workout regimen after taking a break – of course anyone will benefit from it, but I have the beginner in mind. A few additional benefits of the Hooray for Little Victories Workout are:

  • It’s FREE
  • It requires no additional equipment and very little space
  • It can be done in less than 10 minutes a day
  • You can start any time and feel free to repeat days or start over as needed

I have put the workout into a FREE printable PDF file for you – go ahead and DOWNLOAD the Hooray for Little Victories Workout NOW

A few more notes about this workout:

  • Please consult with a physician before starting an exercise plan. I am not a doctor and anything I suggest is based on my own experience (which includes coaching gymnastics for 25 years, training for sports on my own and my own research).
  • Do what you can do with regards to each exercise – for example, marching in place… if all you can do is lift your feet off the floor slightly then do it! You are not training for the Olympics and no one is here to judge you. If you can lift your knees higher, then DO IT and celebrate the little victories as you get stronger!
  • If there is an exercise on the sheet that you do not understand – ask me a question in the comments and I will do my best to explain. If there is an exercise you physically can not do, substitute one you can do. Again, there are no rules, no judging – just move!

I’d love to be able to cheer you on as we both work to get fit, so feel free to comment below! 


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