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Little Victories

So, I am a firm believer that certain things in life happen for a reason – or as a sign – so when my husband won a raffle for a year long gym membership at my daughter’s play last fall, I took that as a sign. At first, I thought what a waste – we […]

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greatest satisfaction comes from the motivation within you

How was your week? Mine was pretty fantastic – at least in the work out department. I ran Tuesday, Friday and Sunday and I walked on Wednesday for a total of about 12 miles for the week. But more important  than the miles, I proved to myself something I have known for a long time […]

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Last night on The Biggest Loser one of the challenges was a workout using a slide board – the contestants had to glide back and forth and log 500 repetitions – the first one there won immunity for the evening. Slideboards are a great way to activate a wide range of muscles in a unique […]

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As a kid and a young adult I was very active – doing a variety of sports on a daily basis – I even did sprint triathlons in my early twenties. As much as I love running, I had to stop running in my early thirties due to a genetic predisposition to arthritis in my […]

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