Yoga for plus size
In an effort to push myself beyond my comfort zone and to regain flexibility, I decided to join a friend of mine for a Hot Yoga class this weekend. I was really worried about working out in the heat, not being able to do all the poses and what I would look like in yoga pants and a tank top.

SERIOUSLY, you ask??? Thankfully I got over myself pretty quickly and all those things I was worried about were not worth worrying about at all.

Thoughts on my first Hot Yoga class:

  1. HOT, yes, it was HOT, but it was a dry heat. I know what you are thinking – that is what they all say – but it was true, it was hot, but it felt like we were working out on the beach or something. It wasn’t oppressive and we took plenty of water breaks.
  2. Body image – ok – just get over it already!! Our class had about 12 people in it and no mirrors in the studio (thank goodness). Every one of the students in the class was built differently and honestly, once class started, how I looked in my tank top was the least of my worries. The best advice is to dress for comfort – you are going to sweat (and sweat buckets), so wear what you can move in!
  3. Speaking of sweat, oh my gracious did we sweat. The wonderful thing about the hot yoga class is that every single pore in your body opens up and you sweat. I think I sweat out 2.5 lbs (which I replaced in water over the course of the day) in a single 90 minute class. It was such a great feeling and was like all the toxins and junk were leaving my body. And the shower when I got home – ah, did it feel amazing.
  4. Movement – I was honestly concerned about being able to sit cross-legged for what seemed like an eternity and not being able to do all the movements. I was right in a way – I can’t sit cross-legged for long – I am getting arthritis in my knee and it is just uncomfortable, but I was able to modify my sitting position enough to get the basic movement done and not be in pain at the same time. There were a few movements that challenged me, but I used the blocks for stability and made it through.

As I get older, quality of movement and minimizing stress on my joints is a priority! I have been wanting to try yoga for quite some time but was afraid – I am so glad I did. I borrowed some items from my friend and the studio provided some as well, but since I am going to try to get at least one yoga class a week done, I think I need to invest the basics so I can work on my skills at home as well. Most of what I need can be found at Target, any sporting goods store or Amazon, but with a small selection. I just found YogaDirect – they have great prices and a larger selection, too.

If you are looking for great pieces to wear to class in plus sizes, check out:

Have you tried Hot Yoga? Is there another class you prefer? I’d love to know your thoughts!

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